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  • Castle Isis zvucnici, zivahne male zivotinjice (mission, kef, rogers)
  • Castle Isis zvucnici, zivahne male zivotinjice (mission, kef, rogers)

Castle Isis zvucnici, zivahne male zivotinjice (mission, kef, rogers)

1.100 kn ~ 148 €
Šifra oglasa: 27717644

Osnovne informacije

Grad Zagreb, Gornja Dubrava, Trnovčica

Opis oglasa

zvucnici iz naslova, odlican bass zvuk , original slike saljem na zahtjev

"Castle Isis Speakers"
5 out of 5 28th April 2015
I strongly recommend these great little speakers, they are a very rewarding listen.
They are relatively small, but beautifully formed. The sound quality they are capable of really is
surprising considering their compact proportions. They are quite revealing, so kit with a slightly
smooth nature will partner them well, though they are by no means harsh.
Their forte is musicality, while there's no huge deep bass thump (as you would expect), what there is, is a revelation. The tuneful nature of the bass completely makes up for any lack of depth and presents a tight, solid, coherent and clear picture.The baseline (especially guitar) has more life and agility than I've heard from many a high end speaker, giving music almost an extra dimension.
Mid and upper ranges are beautifully rendered with some amazingly fine detail and an airy open
sound stage. They are capable of filling a medium sized room, but I've found them particularly good when listened to nearfield, well ahead of the sweet spot where there's a marked
increase in mass. I've done back to back comparisons with Kef, Mission, Kelly and Arcam speakers. For their size, finish, and not least, their totally involving sound, these little gems really shine. Very classy performers indeed.

Partner them with a quality source and sit back and enjoy your music.
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Isis is one of the most compact models in the assortment of the British Castle Acoustics. Like most of the company's loudspeakers, Isis is designed for people with sensitive, well-mannered taste. Finish of the bodies with tinted veneer looks great and gives small speakers significance, suggesting to use them in an exquisite interior. Judging by the results of the measurements and listening, Isis have all acoustic advantages of small sized speaker systems, among which the most valuable is weak overhangs of the body and high spatial homogeneity of sound field in wide range of frequencies. Castle Isis effectively projects virtual space of sound image on physical space of the listening room, neatly placing imaginary sources along the front. The distinctiveness of high-frequency details doesn't seem to be excessive even at works of classical repertoire. Usually the lack of deep bass in small loudspeakers significantly affects the reliability of stage image, but in this case a corresponding discomfort does not arise, because all necessary proportions are maintained in the image. Castle Isis may displease the lovers of "strong" sound, for example hard rock, due to restraint in the transfer of low frequencies. But it will be perfect for fans of light instrumental music, jazz and country. It is significant that Isis almost does not make demands to acoustic conditions of the listening room.
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