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Lokacija: Grad Zagreb
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The Jay Haide à l'ancienne violin VIOLINS - MODEL L'ANCIENNEThere is nothing like a fine 18th. or 19th century Italian or French instrument with a great mature tone and the beautiful patina of age. Most players would love to own a fine old instrument like this, but these days, prices have increased so much due to demand, that few can afford them any more. With this in mind, we started the development of what was to become the à l'ancienne. Many violins and thousands of hours of work later, we were ready to introduce the ancienne violins.

For the Jay Haide instruments we start by searching and examining wood from many sources and from the most experienced wood cutters. We spent countless hours making sure that the results would be an instrument we would be proud to give our name to. Over the years, we have steadily changed and improved the à l'ancienne, making sure that we are constantly looking forward towards improvement, not resting on our success.
vrhunski profesionalna violina
radno vrijeme : ponedjeljak, srijeda, petak od 9 - 13 sati
utorak, četvrtak od 15 - 19 sati
subotom od 9 - 12 sati
Ul.Kralja Zvonimira 49, 10000 Zagreb.
tel. 01 4650671 ili 091 3392868 ; ;


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Kralja Zvonimira 49
Grad i poštanski broj
10000 Zagreb
Grad Zagreb