• Electro voice ZX5  ***HITNO***
  • Electro voice ZX5  ***HITNO***
  • Electro voice ZX5  ***HITNO***
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Electro voice ZX5 ***HITNO***

8.000 kn ~ 1.076 €
Šifra oglasa: 29468021

Osnovne informacije

Vukovarsko-srijemska, Vinkovci, Centar

Opis oglasa

Na prodaju zvučne kutije Electro voice ZX5 90, kutije su ispravne, korištene 3-4 godine, vidljivi minimalni tragovi korištenja. Korištene uz adekvatno pojačalo (EV Q 1212).
Uz kutije dolaze i originalne navlake.
Cijena 8000kn ili 1080€ za par.
Zamjena za aktivne kutije ili noviji digitalni mix.

The Electro-Voice (EV) Zx5-90 is an all weather 15-inch, 2-way cabinet with an elegant high-impact composite enclosure, featuring the newest generation of EV components: the all-new DXV3150, 500W, 15-inch woofer and the all-new 2-inch neodymium ND2 compression driver.

The Zx5 is rated for 600 watts long-term power handling and is able of producing high SPLs whilst providing a very smooth frequency response. With a coverage pattern of 90° x 50°, two adjustable monitor angles (45- or 55-degrees) and ten built-in rigging and suspension points allowing for a variety of mounting accessories, the Zx5-90 fits a variety of applications: installations of individual speakers or clusters in entertainment, cultural or religious venues, as well as on stages with bands, musicians and Public Address P.A. rental companies.

Versatile performance for mains, fills, or monitors
DVX3150A woofer with forced-air cooling
2-inch ND2 titanium/neodymium HF driver
Switchable bi-amp or passive crossover operation
Choice of 90º x 50º or 60º x 60º coverage horn
High sensitivity, 132 dB maximum SPL
Power handling: 600 W continuous, 2400 W peak
High impact polypropylene enclosure
Wedge shape for monitors at 45º or 55º
Up to five anchor-plate attachments
M8 mounting inserts (10)
Integrated handle
Available in black or white
Lightly water resistant, rated IP34.

Elector voice
Electro voice ZX5


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