George Verwer - Out of comfort zone

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It's Time to Transform Global Missions
Respected missionary and Christian leader George Verwer sums up his life experience with mission work—as a sender, a doer and a trainer—and talks straight about what is really needed in missions in the 21st century. To get the job done, mission workers and organizations need a grace-awakened approach. No longer should mission agencies compete with each other or dwell on minor theological differences. In Out of the Comfort Zone Verwer identifies the key elements for working together to win lost souls for Christ.
Mission agencies have different strategies, and even within a mission or church there can be tension and division over strategy and details of how things should be done. Must we be so dogmatic on matters that the Bible is not clear about? Can't we accept that God works in different ways among different groups of people? The work of God is bigger than any fellowship or organization."
—George Verwer

Izdavač: Internationa Bible Society, OM, 2000g
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