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Grad Zagreb, Stenjevec, Jankomir

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Classic setup with 2 VCOs and noise generator, multimode filters, amps, 2 envelopes and LFO
Waveform VCOs Triangle, sawtooth and variable pulse width rectangle
Multimode filter with 12 dB / oct. slope and low, high and band pass characteristics as well as distortion and envelope
LFO with sine, triangle, rectangle, sawtooth ascending and descending as well as random and S & H
Versatile 16-step sequencer
Arpeggiator with 10 play modes, hold function and 4 octave range
Integrated effect section with delay, dive, scoop, vibrato, wah and tremolo
Multi-touch keyboard with 27 semitones
13 adjustable scales
MIDI via USB and mini-jack DIN adapter
Editor and library software for Mac and PC
Complete MIDI implementation of all parameters as well as Clock
20 Non-rewritable factory sounds and 80 user memories
Powered by 4x AA battery or micro USB port
Audio input 3.5 mm stereo mini jack with mono summing
Audio output 3.5 mm stereo mini jack with mono summing
Dimensions: 256 x 150 x 49 mm
Weight: 0.4 kg (without batteries)
Includes Micro USB to USB cable, 2x MIDI adapter from mini jack to DIN socket and 4x AA battery
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