Podvodni fotić Sea&Sea DX-860

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Lokacija: Zadarska
Stanje: rabljeno


sa računom, prvi vlasnik užasno malo korišten polu profi mali podvodnjak, sad svim pripadajučim (leća zoom, punjač za baterije, i sve što ide, sd kartica 4 gige)

više o fotiću na hrvatskom linku :

The 860G is a compact and lightweight digital camera with an effective resolution of 6.2 megapixels. Its lens ranges from 5.8mm Wide to 17.4mm Tele (35-105mm for 35mm film equivalent) and is capable of focusing as close as 5 cm in macro mode.

ISO settings of up to 400, various white balance modes, photographic effects and exposure compensation controls give ample variation in photographing. Movies can be taken at a resolution of 640x480 pixels (VGA) at 24 frames/second. The camera features a 2.5" TFT LCD display for easy composition and review of pictures when under water.

The DX-860G is a polycarbonate underwater housing and is pressure-resistant to depths of up to 45 meters. It is equiped with a socket to connect an optical fiber cable for a slave strobe and has a selectable diffuser function to filter the light of the camera's internal flash.

External and inner shade hoods give a better view on the display, even in sunny conditions. The housing allows underwater operation of the power, shutter, zoom, OK/ menu, macro, flash, self-timer, microphone, exposure revision/delete and shooting mode (still picture, playback and movie).