EL.Piano -Medeli CDP-6000 SV (White)

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EL.Piano.Medeli CDP-6000 SV (White)
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CDP6000 is a compact piano that fits perfectly into any room and stylishly blends with any home decor. With a modern touch in mind, the space saving design appeals to piano enthusiasts of any kind. However, CDP6000 is not just about the looks, the 26 onboard voices are beautifully engineered to capture the dynamic and nuance of a piano player. The three foot pedals provides a resistance that resembles to those on acoustic pianos, offering a perfect control over the pedal. Three levels of touch sensitivity could be selected, depending on your likings. Other effects, such as reverb, chorus and EQ settings, are also opened to be adjusted to better suit your tastes. With the USB connection, CDP6000 opens the door to many music softwares on computers. CDP6000 is the new must-have for a piano enthusiast.

Medeli introduces the CDP6000 digital piano. This piano Medeli takes into account the need for a modern compact instrument that fully in an interior can be recorded. The instrument has an extra slim casing that easily fits into any interior. With the lid closed the instrument he is no bigger than a side table. Once opened, unfolds a full piano that any novice and experienced player will inspire!

New technologies bring new sound possibilities

Medeli developed for this piano sound chip with a new technology that many sound characteristics are registered to come. A more dynamic sound experience The CDP6000 has 11 sounds of exceptional quality, including a 'lower' sound which can be used in "split" mode

Sounds and play modes

The Medeli CDP6000 features the most important sounds. There is a lot of care in the piano sound, which combined with the 88-key hammer action keyboard, produces an acoustic playing experience. He yielded some basic electric organ and piano sounds and some extra 'Sweet' solo instruments. This solo sounds can be combined. In split mode with a strings sound for the left Another possibility is the dual function that a combination of two sounds can choose. To sound that little fuller, the CDP6000 various digital reverb and chorus effect presets.

More pedals, more expression

Pedals of the piano care greatly for the expressive possibilities of the instrument. Most instruments in this class often have only one pedal. Medeli the CDP6000 equipped with three pedals.

The first controller is designed to sustain the standard ('by latch ") function. A second pedal, the 'soft' pedal functions in the same way as the study pedal of an acoustic piano where the volume and treble are suppressed something. The third pedal on the CDP6000 disposal and 'sostenuto' function. This pedal works the same way as a sustain pedal, just let the show excited to advance sound depressing the pedal tones are played staccato sound. After pressing the pedal

Spatial sound reproduction

The speaker system Medeli CDP6000 is placed in a single speaker unit under which the keyboard is attached. To the tripod This unit has front-mounted speakers that provide a spatial sound reproduction.

Clear operation

For the CDP6000 Medeli has chosen a very simple operation. With a number of function keys to the left of the keyboard to operate various functions and choosing sounds. Through a combination of function keys and keys on the keyboard are choosing to other general settings.

Audio & MIDI connections

To use the CDP6000 as functional as possible Medeli has created a number essenti_le connections. This allows the sound from an external audio device to play as the Aux In of the piano is connected. Using the speakers of the CDP6000 In addition, the device has a dual headphone jack and a USB port on the front that serves as a MIDI interface.


88 Hammer Action Keys
Polyphony: 64 Notes
11 Expectionally High Quality Voices ( including 1 lower voice)
20 Songs, 1 Demo Song
Reverb: 4 Levels, Chorus: 4 Levels
Dual: Yes, Split: Yes
Pedas: Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain
Other Control: Power On/Off, Volume, Function, Start?Stop, Beep Sound On/off
Connectors: DC12V, Headphones x 2, USB port, Aux In, Aux Out
Keyboard 88 hammer action
Polyphony 64 (max)
Voices 26 voices
Split YES
Music Library 60 preset songs; L/R hand learning
Demo Song 1
Dimensions LWH 1414 x 309 x 792 mm
Weight 40 kgs
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