Aragon 4004, izlazno pojacalo, 2 x 200 W, zamjena za preamp

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Vrhunsko americko izlazno pojacalo, Aragon 4004, 2 x 200 W/8 ohma, 2 x 400 W/4 ohma. Dual mono konstrukcija sa dva velika trafoa, 28 kg, 8 tranzistora po izlazu, uscuvano i potpuno ispravno. Dovoljno snage i za najzahtjevnije zvucnike.
Moguca zamjena za bolje pretpojacalo.

This is intended to introduce you to the ''Classic'' Aragon amplifiers. That is, those Aragon-branded products that were originally designed by the Mondial Design Team before the sale of the Mondial product line in 2001 to Klipsch, the current owner. Other Mondial brands are Acurus and AmFi, with Aragon as the quality leader, Acurus at a lower price but still providing exceptional quality, and AmFi as a short-lived attempt.

The first Aragon amplifier products were the 4004, and it's little brother the 2004. The 4004/2004's electrical design was widely reported to be the work of Dan D'Agostino of Krell. Mr. D'Agostino was credited in various magazines as being responsible for 1) Circuit design of the early Aragon components; 2) Parts selection; and 3) Development of the Quality Assurance program for Mondial Designs.

4004 Specifications
design: Analog
power ouput 8: 200-watts by 2-channels
power output 4: 400-watts by 2-channels
frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
thd 0.05% for 8 ohm loads
s/n ratio 110dB A Weighted
input sensitivity: 150 mV for 1-watt output
input impedance_ 22 kohms
power consumption: 1500-watts max